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Seminary and Institute

The Mormon Church believes that education is very important.  That is why it runs schools like Brigham Young University.  However, not everyone can go to a Church-owned school and so the Church has established the Seminary and Institute programs.


`Seminary for Mormons is not a school where people go to become ministers; it is instead a program to provide weekday religious education for high school students.  In places where there are lots of Mormons, the Church is able to have release-time seminary during school hours, though they do not receive school credit..  In these places Mormon youth meet at special seminary buildings or local chapels to study the Gospel together and to learn how it can be used in their everyday lives. 
Most Mormons, however, don’t live in places where this can happen.  Instead, they have early-morning seminary.  In these places, high school students meet before school either in the chapel or a member’s home and have lessons on the Gospel.  For students in isolated places there is even home-study seminary where teenagers and their parents can study the Gospel together.


Institute is like seminary for college-age Mormons and adults.  Many universities have institute buildings or classes in local chapels for all adults.  These often cover special topics like Church history, teachings of the modern prophets, and so on.  All college-age Mormons around the world are encouraged to attend classes.  They provide a break from the stress and pressure of school and help student keep Jesus Christ as their focus.  Institutes are typically associated with the Latter-day Saints Student Association.  Classes are free and open to everyone.  To locate the nearest institute class to you throughout the world see the Institute locater.


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