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Bishop H. David Burton
Presiding Bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Mormon Church is led by local men and women just like you who have jobs and families.  One of the most important local leaders is the bishop.  The bishop and his two counselors preside over the whole congregation.  They don’t do everything, but they do a lot!  Your bishop likely has a job and family and in what little time remains, he helps to run the congregation.  He has many people who assist him: his counselors, the Relief Society president, the Elders Quorum president, and so on.

Despite all this, a mormon bishop is still a busy man.  He has many responsibilities.  He presides in meetings, he gives callings to members, he interviews and counsels with members who are having struggles or need to confess a sin.  He also oversees the budget and makes sure that there is someone to speak each week in Church.  Sometimes you may seem him sitting on the stand at Church and wonder why he never seems to do anything, but keep in mind that he is the one who organized everything before the meeting got started! 

If you have questions or concerns, or you feel burdened by sin or troubles, your bishop can help you, but remember that others like home and visiting teachers are there to help too.  The LDS bishop is also the one who can help you when you are struggling financially.  He can set you up with aid from the Church or even put you in contact with someone who can help you find a job.  It’s important to know that a bishop will keep everything you tell him strictly confidential (with the exception of what he is required to disclose by law).  A bishop is good man who is called by the Lord to lead the congregation, so you can trust him, but remember that like all of us, he is not perfect and needs love and support in his difficult position.


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